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What is Pilates?

Defined as “a system of exercises using special apparatus, designed to improve physical strength, flexibility, and posture, and enhance mental awareness.”

At Priya Pilates, we look at each client individually, see how their functionality might be constricted and accordingly design movement patterns/exercises that bring them slowly back to better function, not just on a physical level but also neuromuscularly, where real change begins. We focus on functional movement, looking at the dynamics of the whole body and allowing the properties and patterns of interactions of the parts dictate the order of the exercise. Our goal is not just to give you a good workout but to make your life better when you go on with your daily life.


All clients must start with Private sessions on the Pilates equipment prior to joining group classes. This is to ensure each client knows how to use the equipment safely and understands the basic repertoire.


What is CoreAlign?

The CoreAlign unit was designed by a physical therapist to stimulate core stability muscles to fire in perfect timing while performing challenging exercises, very deep stretches and core controlled aerobic training. The method is used for musculoskeletal rehabilitation, performance enhancement and as a regular sport for a healthy lifestyle. The CoreAlign is different from Pilates equipment in that most exercises are done standing but it has been adopted by the Pilates world for the deep core strengthening. 

At Priya Pilates we use a 3 Level system of training on this unit in order to slowly develop the body physically and neuromuscularly. Each level is 5 weeks long and meets two times a week. After "graduating" from the 3 levels, clients are able to join group classes for even more challenge and education. 

The benefits of going to Priya Pilates:

Not just exercise, conscious/harmonious movement to benefit clients not only in the studio but in daily living.

New way of being/moving

Better flexibility, strength, understanding of own compensatory/damaging patterns and a way to change that.

Introductory Offer: $50/hour for private sessions, buy 3 or more sessions and get 10% off!

Hours of Operation

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  • Street: 2301 West State Route 89A Suite H
  • Postcode: 86336
  • City: Sedona
  • State: AZ


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